Past Artists

Alyssa Freitas

Alyssa Freitas is a transdisciplinary artist born in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, who currently lives in Portland, Maine. She has earned a Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture from Maine College of Art in 2016. Her construction of spaces explores the influx of digital culture in contemporary life.

This unique outlook at hybridized form was explored while she was a studio assistant for  professional artist Rollin Leonard in 2015. Alyssa plans on earning a Master of Fine Art in  interdisciplinary studies in California.


Henry Mills

Henry Mills is a cross-disciplinary artist exploring the task of observation as an isomorphic juncture of perceiving and becoming.  Utilizing systems of material belonging to technology, sound and language, Mills develops work attempting to extend impressions of a medium beyond cycles of familiarity.

Selected group exhibitions include New Primitive [SPEC, 2011], What Is Music?
[Brisbane, 2011], Time Machine Festival [Serial Space, 2012], Native [The Box, 2013],
ArtBar [MCA, 2014], Ghost Index [Brisbane, 2017]


Isabel Hood

Isabel is a digital designer and artist based in Brisbane. She is currently a masters student at the Queensland College of Art in the Interactive Media program.
Her work is committed to maintaining both a speculative and real analysis of our relationship with technology, modelling these ideas through various mediums.
With a background in visual communication, Isabel is also interested in integrating this experience to construct alternate visual languages through digital experimentations.


Lachlan Airey

Lachlan Airey is an artist and musician exploring the liminal spaces in reflective humour in the creative disciplines.


Montana PurdyMontana, based in Brisbane, Australia, is an emerging artsits working with interdisiplinary collage. “I am inclined toward confronting my audience with both uncomfortable imagery and humorous undertones to express an idea.”


Nicholas Brocchi
Nicholas Brocchi practices within a post-natural matrix wherein no element of the cognitive or material realm is fixed or permanent. Their experiments with video and installation highlight the inherent plasticity of sex and gender identity by forcing the artist and the viewer to undergo processes of conceptual and physical transformation. Recent installations attempt to expose the private sphere as a heterosexual privilege and a site of Queer oppression. Demanding the right to speak as no one in particular, their intimate and vulnerable explorations of identity transcend the limits of the personal and the particular in an effort to establish an intrinsically diverse or differentiated universal.

Brocchi is co-founder of the Queer College of Art, a collective that conducts lectures, presentations and seminars on critical Queer theory in Brisbane. One of the founding aims of the Queer College of Art is to provide a safe space for Brisbane’s Queer communities to engage in critical discourse.


Siena HartUtilising the language of subversion, Hart explores simple interventions of the everyday through digitally mediated performance and installation. With a focus on outward manifestations of embodied experience, vulnerability, anxiety, and the dialogue between the real and the imagined, Hart invites audiences to challenge the architecture of their own identities, perception, and memory.