Click through below to a beautiful collection of texts that engage with queer/tech/futurism/intersectionalfeminism/art/digitalagency in collaboration with the brilliant and warm folk of Queer College of Art ~ A German/Australian reading collective with a focus on queer intersections in art.

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The aim of this project, and it’s collected library of texts, is to improve the accessibility of catalytic works and ideas, and to help foster an open and nuanced dialogue through safe, open, networked communities.


Queer College of Art...

“We would like to start by thanking s0s0 for asking us to be a part of this collaborative project, and of course to the wonderfully fabulous people who contribute to the discussions of texts in the form of presenting and attending the Queer college of art meetings. This project was formulated collectively by you all, and for that we are very grateful.

We have chosen five texts for this project that we believe act as accessible entry points into the main themes and contexts of contemporary queer feminism. We will provide additional resources that we believe go well alongside each text in the case that you want to explore any of the themes in more detail.

As in everything the queer college of art does, we see our work at the intersection between, art, academia and everyday queer life and it is this reason that we always place an emphasis on safe and inclusive space. One that is welcoming to all academic levels, we have tried our very best to select texts that we feel use inclusive and accessible language.

However PLEASE do not hesitate to contact us at the with all and any questions, concerns or queries. We can assure you that we value each and every contribution equally.

We believe in honest and open discussion regarding everything we engage with, it is this free and open interaction that we believe to be a defining characteristic of queer communities. We look forward to going through the exhibition with you all, and collectively engaging in the texts presented.

Many thanks and love, Queer College of Art”