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“And anonymity! Anonymity, which CyberFeminists championed as a method for transcending gender, is now a primary enabler of violently misogynistic language all over the web—in YouTube comments, on forums, and in the email inboxes and Twitter @replies of women with public opinions about technology. It’s not that the CyberFeminists failed. It’s that as the Venn diagrams of digital and real life have edged into near-complete overlap, the problems of the real world have become the problems of the digital world. The web is no longer a separate space; we are inseparable from the web.”1

Deep Lab is a collaborative collective of cyberfeminist artists, writers, theoreticians, hackers and software engineers, data scientists, and designers exploring our contempory entanglement with tech and wired culture, politics, art, the structures that drive, limit, and support present-day society, and working to provide useful skills to navigate these realms through the lens of intersectional feminism.

In 2014, the group, and a large bumber of collaborative participants came together to facilitate a new dialoge on contemporary digital culture, adopting hackathon, charrette, and micro-conference methodologies. The book, DEEP LAB, was the manifestation of these exchanges.

The book, also available to purchase in hardcopy here, is a 242 page deep collection of essays, part poetry, part artwork, made freely accesible.

1. DEEP LAB, 2014

*I am a whole book! ~ Allow some time, prepare your beverage

You can also watch Jonothan Minard’s beautiful short film on the group below.