The annual March Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon is a non-for-profit global project improving content on cis and trans women, the arts, and feminism
on Wikipedia.

S0S0 will be using our space to encourage our network to join with their own communities in taking part. We will be sharing a list of education resources on how to become more active in the information sharing community, and sharing our own collection of interesting points of departure for wiki-exploring.

Wikipedia’s gender trouble is well-documented. In a 2011 survey, the Wikimedia Foundation found that less than 10% of its contributors were women. While the reasons for the gender gap are up for debate, the practical effect of this disparity is not: content is skewed by the lack of representation from women.

While finding information on significant women throughout history is becoming easier, the content remains geared toward white middle class, and formally educated women. We want to encourage our network to learn and share with the world, the work of women of colour and marginalised voices in particular~


By partnering with Art+Feminism we share the core beliefs in...

+ that feminism is a lens we can use to
dismantle oppression

+ in working collaboratively in brave,
friendly spaces

+ that art and open access to educational
resources are fundamental to the creation
of thriving, open societies

+ that representation matters

+ that the experiences of women are
varied and complex and we value and
honor these differences in knowledge

+ our greatest achievement is a
participant walking into a workshop and
learning that they can exist on Wikipedia
and be a critical part of the protection
of information about women like them
and women they might not ever fully
understand, but believe in


Want to get involved?

Don’t forget to tag your edits with #ArtAndFeminism #Noweditingaf #AF5!

Art + Feminism also has a library of tutorials to help with the nitty-gritty elements of Wiki editing
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You can also donate to Art + Feminism here 

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